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David Rollins

Poet and Children's Author

David Rollins has now written several books for children and remains a loving Haiku poet. Having previously been a lunatic, care manager, social worker, library assistant and child there's a fair few books and poems left to write.


Three Insane Poets

Three Insane Poets, is an amazing poetry anthology combining the poetic strengths of David Rollins, David Parkin and Julie Stacey. The poems are all thought-provoking, raw and at times hilarious, and guaranteed to stir your emotions. This is a no holds barred approach to the poetic verse and tells the brutal facts of living with injury and mental health. My favourites are 'Chaos' and 'The Rotting Corpse' by David Rollins, and 'The Worst Lie' by Julie Stacey, all three of these poems stand out for the frankness, and rawness on their delivery. David Parkin writes with such a unique view of the world with poems such as 'When I was gentle, When I was kind', and finally I have got to mention 'I'm Awake' by Julie Stacey, totally absorbed by the clarity and distinct style. We all talk about mental health this book will help you live and breathe it'. Totally recommend it, if you want poetry on the edge.
~ Simon

Haiku from the Asylum

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