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An engaging book written by a standalone poet

If any avid poetry lover wishes to add a book to their poetry library, then look no further than Pratibha Savani and her superb Tangles and Knots. Which is brimming from beginning to end with breath-taking poetry. Her book is filled with eclectic themed poems from an imagination that is honestly honed and focused on what is beautifully presented. Poetry that never disappoints and more than just simply written, much more. For every poem in this wonderfully captivating book takes a reader on a journey and each venture is a good and above all, an enjoyable one. One of those rarities that after reading is one to reread time again, still has the power and charm to keep captivating and never bore any reader. An engaging book written by a standalone poet. For Pratibha Savani and her poetry doesn't just sparkle, it shines and oh so brightly. Highly recommended, beautifully written and a delight to read.

A wondrous addition to any poetry collection and thank you Pratibha.

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