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The Whole of Boredom by James Nelson Roebuck

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The Whole of Boredom by James Nelson Roebuck is a masterpiece that kept me hooked. I just could not put it down.

The protagonist in this book is Alistair Morgan. His character is indeed mysterious and praiseworthy. This helps in building the book. The reader is eager to learn more about the protagonist as one continues reading the book. Alistair Morgan is a tough individual. He did too much, too soon, and most of it terrible as a teen gangster, soldier, and nightclub bouncer. It keeps him awake at night. But, good times do come and now he's gone to college to further his studies. Education is enlightening, isn’t it. It changes one as an individual. He reinvented himself as an English as a Foreign Language teacher.

So what’s the problem with his life anymore? It makes us wonder. How precisely it makes us reflect and relate to such common characters we witness in our lives as well. He studied hard and now is working as a foreign language teacher. The money is good, but the environment has the potential to send you insane. To make matters worse, he's been assigned to a group of elderly people who don't appear to require any assistance in getting off their high horses. Someone needs to keep the bus wheels on the road, so why does Ali Morgan have to do it every time? Why does he have to be the victim every time? He faced so much his entire life and education was not helping him either. His life is like a piece of paper waiting to be written.Then there are the women who are constantly falling in love with him but who can't return the love? He just can't? It’s an amazing journey! Love is a complex thing indeed. It's enough to bring a poor boy to tears. He's never cried before in his life. Is it possible that this is the issue? Maybe the nightmares would go away if he could soften up a little and learn to love? The book is a wonderful journey of the protagonist - unimaginable and emotional. A wondrous book indeed.

I recommend this book to everyone. You would fall in love with the plot and the book moves your soul, indeed.

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